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High pressure hose should be paid attention to when using the problem
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As a new type of high energy rubber synthetic products, high pressure hose is widely used in coal and oil and other energy industries, including the application in engineering construction, mining equipment and underwater oil pipeline, etc.. So we in the use and installation of high pressure hose must be careful to avoid leaks. For example, the installation of high pressure rubber hose installation, we must be careful.
Whether it is a metal joint or hose connector, improper installation is prone to leakage problems. If the transport of oil, natural gas, there is a huge security risk, so we must be cautious. Ensure that the product can be used safely after installation. Here is a small series to introduce some of the problems should be noted when installing:
1 when we move or place the hose, must not be too bent, long-term bending deformation of the hose, if the situation is special, the bending point is best in the hose diameter 1.5 times.
2 we should avoid long time hose on the ground, because it is a rubber, long time friction will affect the product.
3 hose to avoid a long time compact, it is best to make the hose showed a normal relaxation, to avoid distortion of the hose.
4 hose installation position is best to avoid too close to the heating unit, if you can not avoid the need to install insulation board to avoid excessive heat erosion.
5 if the high pressure hose itself deformation, we should install the necessary supporting object.

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