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How to ensure the service life of high pressure rubber hose
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In the use of high-pressure hose, how can we guarantee its service life? In the premise of quality assurance, if used improperly, will greatly shorten the service life of the hose. In practice, most of the high-pressure hose is damaged due to improper use.
(1) affected by frequent and severe pressure. High pressure hose burst, generally not because of the static pressure caused by too much, but the impact of pressure and the degree of severity and frequency. Engineering machinery in operation, will be repeated in the hydraulic tubing suddenly increased or decreased, which impact on the oil pressure of frequent, cause the damage of the oil seal intensifies, loosening hose leakage and rupture and foaming pipe joint. Therefore, in operation, the valve stem can not be too hard, must be gentle.
(2) the use of oil temperature is too high. Operation of engineering machinery, hydraulic system for power loss and oil heating, and the influence of the outside temperature (especially in summer), the sharp increase in oil. The higher the temperature of the oil, the easier the aging of rubber, the worse the elasticity, the lower the strength and the sealing performance, and the rubber hose will burst quickly. Therefore, in the operation, when the hydraulic system temperature rise is too high, too fast, should promptly identify the reasons, to be excluded; summer operations, especially in continuous operation, should take the necessary cooling measures.
(3) the selection and installation of rubber hose is unreasonable. In the replacement of high pressure hose, the hose wire length, number, shape and size of the joint should be reasonable, and should try to reduce the degree of bending in the hose; tighten union nut, do not make the hose distorted, excessive bending and twisting will reduce the service life of the hose greatly; for some vulnerable to friction parts we should take protective measures to prevent the hose due to wear and burst

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