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Analysis of the reasons for the rupture of high pressure rubber hose
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As we all know, high pressure hose belongs to a kind of special hose. In the previous technology sharing, we also understand that even the best material will fail because of various reasons and even burst. Today, we from the entire high-pressure hose products to resolve the high-pressure hose rupture phenomenon.
First, the high pressure hose rupture at the mouth of the wire curl has obvious necking.
1) the cause of this phenomenon is that the rubber hose is subjected to excessive tensile deformation, and the layers are separated and the compressive strength is reduced.
2) under the action of high pressure hose will occur in the direction of contraction or elongation, the general expansion of the normal volume.
3) if the installation time is too short, the work will be a great stretch, serious when broken or loose, such as failure.
4) if the span is too large, the weight of the hose and the weight of the oil will also give the hose a larger tensile force, serious will occur when the fault.
5) therefore, the corresponding measures should be taken according to the specific circumstances. If the installation is too tight, should be replaced by the extension of the new pipe, if the span is too large, it should be added in the middle of the support clip.
Two, one or more cracks, cracks neat.
The main reason for this phenomenon is the system pressure is too high, more than the pressure resistance of the hose. If the system pressure meet the requirements, should check whether the actual use of the pressure bearing capacity of the design requirements.
Three, broken place appears to twist.
1) the reason for this phenomenon is the hose in the installation or use in the process of excessive torsion caused by.
2. The structure of the strengthened layer is changed, the gap between the braiding and winding steel wire is increased, and the compressive strength of the hose is reduced.
3) therefore, in the process of using or keeping the hose, the hose should not be subjected to torsional moment, so as to ensure that the axis of the two joint is in the same plane as the rubber hose is installed.

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