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How to properly install high-pressure hose assembly
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High pressure rubber hose assembly is a very important kind of rubber material. The high pressure hose produced by the company as the example, using foreign advanced technology production, has good pressure resistance, high sealing degree, long service life, high oil resistance, can be in -40 ~ +120 the temperature range of the normal work of hydraulic and gas, suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment, oil lubrication, etc..
Due to the application of high pressure hose assembly and application of special environment, so the correct installation is particularly important. Here to share with you the right to install the hose assembly 6 points.
First, do not let the high-pressure hose hose hose. Otherwise, when the pressure is received, it will destroy the high pressure hose or the connector is loose.
Two, when the bending radius is too small should pay attention to a more reasonable approach is to use rectangular hose fittings to avoid sharp bends distortion.
Three, when the pressure will change the length of high-pressure hose
The length of the inner pressure of the high pressure hose will be shortened if the stroke of the inner steel wire layer is large. On the contrary, the length of the high-pressure hose will be longer.
General product a little bit of error so long and short can not avoid. If the hose is bent after installation. No fixed device should be added to the bending position of the hose. Free activities should be made. Once the fixed die is easy to cause wear at withholding.
Four. In order to avoid the damage of high pressure rubber hose and the limit of flow rate, the bending radius of high pressure hose should be increased as much as possible.
Five, don't let when installing hose hose or twisted when subjected to pressure is very easy to destroy or make high pressure hose withhold joints loose.
Six, the installation of high pressure hose between objects should be left a certain space to avoid friction with the hose in the operation of the work. If you can not avoid some protection measures.

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