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Matters needing attention in the storage of high pressure braided hose
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In case of high pressure wire braided hose, which is composed of synthetic rubber resistant liquid within the layer, middle layer, I or II or III layer wire braid reinforced layer, and resistant synthetic rubber cover excellent weather performance. The working pressure of the hose depends on the material and structure of the reinforcing layer.
First, we introduce the high-pressure hose storage environment.
High pressure hose should be stored in clean, ventilation, temperature below 80% in the warehouse, and the surrounding is best not to store the acid and alkali, oil and organic solvent or other corrosive liquid, away from heat, avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow with invasion.
Two, followed by high-pressure hose storage form.
High pressure hose storage, as far as possible, stored in a relaxed state, the general in high pressure hose diameter below 76mm, volume can be stored, but in order to prevent the hose storage tube compression deformation, stacking should not be too high, the general stacking height should not exceed 1.5m; and hose during storage often "TOSP", general at least once every quarter.
Three, is strictly prohibited
During the storage of high pressure rubber hose, it is strictly prohibited to pile up heavy objects on the pipe body, and to prevent external extrusion and damage.
Four, the last need to pay attention to is the storage time of high pressure hose
Preferably not more than two years, in order to avoid the storage time is too long and affect the quality of the hose, it is best to use the first storage.

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