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Flow chart of hydraulic hose production
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The rubber core preparation "rubber core" inner tube extrusion "in vulcanized rubber calendering" wire stranding "wire" and "cooling braided rubber calendering package glue" plastic bag wrapping "core" and "curing" cloth "plastic or water storage test
Hengshui Fulite hose Co. Ltd is a professional production of various specifications of fabric hose, hydraulic hose, hose assembly, armored high-pressure hose, high pressure wire braided hose, high pressure hose winding wire, high pressure oil drilling hose, high-pressure hose, marine oil hose fire retardant, high wear-resistant silicon fluorine rubber hose, sand blasting hose, large diameter hose, nylon resin stainless steel pipe, metal hose, metal hose, belt roller. Products are sold throughout the country, widely used in a variety of heavy vehicles, engineering machinery, petroleum, coal mining, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, transportation and other industries, well received by users.
Yesterday, our excellent quality, high reputation and good service to win the praise of many. Today, we continue to uphold this fine tradition, and continue to carry forward. In the years to come, we will be sincere attitude to accept the friends from all walks of life and the vast number of customers to make valuable suggestions, in order to thank thousands of warm, heartfelt thanks to all sectors of the community to support and love.
These are the details of hydraulic hose production process, by the Hengshui Fulite tube industry limited company to provide, if you doubt what hydraulic hose production process information, please contact the company for further, get more information of hydraulic hose production process flow chart.

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